About the Center for Jewish Life’s Day Camp

Jewish Life’s Day Camp  pic

Jewish Life’s Day Camp
Image: marlborojewishdaycamp.com

Previously the president of Manhattan Taxi Maintenance, Simon Garber currently oversees more than 250 New York City yellow cab medallions as the president of Yellow Cab SLSJET Management Corp. Simon “Symon” Garber also supports the Center for Jewish Life.

Located in Marlboro, New Jersey, the Center for Jewish Life reaches Jewish communities in Ocean, Middlesex, and Monmouth Counties. Dedicated to raising awareness of the community’s values and helping members connect with each other, the center offers synagogue services every Friday evening and Saturday morning, the latter of which also includes a sit-down Shabbos Kiddush. Additionally, the center provides a full range of programs, from senior center visits and bar and bat mitzvah lessons to the Chaya Esther Hebrew School and the Marlboro Jewish Day Camp.

Open each summer from the end of June through the end of August, the Marlboro Jewish Day Camp is committed to giving campers a fun, engaging, and innovative experience under the guidance and leadership of trained staff members. With daily swim activities and weekly Challah baking, among other activities like sports and ballroom dancing, the camp helps children understand the traditions and meanings of the Jewish faith. Peanut and tree nut free, the Marlboro Jewish Day Camp caters a Kosher lunch every weekday for no extra cost.


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